Meet our renovation specialists:

Reine Williams Architect

Reiné Williams

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B.AppSci Arch, Uni of Canberra 2006

M.Arch, Uni of Canberra 2009

ACT Architect registration #2489 - 2013

NSW Architect registration #11463 - 2021

AIA Member #28357 - 2003

COLA ACT energy assessor #20111423 - 2011

ACT Emerging Architects Network Co-chair 2014-2016

ACT Emerging Architects Network member 2011-2016

ACT Architects Small Practice Group member 2011-2016

ACT Architects Sustainability Committee member 2011-2016

Multidisciplinary Uni workshop in Milan, Italy, 2008

AUS/NZ Student Architecture congress committee 2009

91318NSW Thermal Performance Assessment (Residential) 2011

white card - ACT OH+S Construction induction 2010

 Asbestos Awareness 2010

Liveable Housing course 2020

Revit Essentials 1 + 2 - BIM modelling 2011

Reine has spent her career based in Canberra and working on high performance, small scale, residential projects.  She loves the problem solving and complexities of renovation projects, balancing client's briefs with their budget and working with their existing home.

Reine is passionate about improving the built environment - through high quality design, achieving greater thermal performance and improving the  liveability of homes.

Reine graduated from the University of Canberra in 2009, having received a commendation in the affordable sustainable delightful housing competition student category for a tiny 3m x 3m home she designed (before tiny homes were a thing!).

Reine commenced her career working with Allan Spira Architect, a long standing and very well respected inner north firm with an established reputation in the design and management of residential projects.


Reine then joined the DNA Architects team, working on larger scale, high end townhouse developments and worked direct to builders on spec homes.

Most recently, Reine joined the Light House Architecture and Science team to utilise her energy assessor background and help produce quality, smaller, light filled and light footed designs. She worked there for 4 years as a project and associate architect, helping support a team of up to 16 staff in producing energy-efficient new homes and renovations.

Paul Williams Engineer

Paul Williams

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B.E (Civil Engineering) 2006

Top structural engineering thesis in NSW 2005

COLA ACT Energy Assessor #20211880 -  2021

Certificate IV in energy efficiency and sustainability 2021

Hero 101 Accreditation (EER software)

White card - ACT OH+S Construction induction

 Asbestos awareness

Revit Architecture fundamentals plus

Revit API programming course

ATTMA level 1 Air leakage exam

2020 Australian bushfire building conference

Paul worked as a structural engineer for 6 years on a myriad of projects including residential, commercial, institutional, multi unit residences and multi-storey carparks.

In 2012 Paul moved into civil engineering - co-ordinating services and interface for buildings with their surrounding built environment. He became a master of vehicle turning circles, carparks, drainage, waste management, grading as well as TCCS and ICON water liasion and co-ordination.

Then, in 2019 and after renovating our own home, Paul decided he would like to help others to improve the quality of residential housing. He took the leap and left engineering to join Reine at Light House Architecture and Science working across both design and science teams.

He quickly became proficient in the use of the architectural 3D programming software Revit and soon was expanding its functionality via Dynamo and the Revit Api (using the C# programming language). 

He also enjoys delving into the legislation and construction code requirements of residential buildings and last year worked closely with Reine designing, documenting and detailing two complex bushfire rebuilds in Rosedale.

He attended the national bushfire conference in 2020 to develop his understanding of bushfire design requirements.  

Paul has completed his ATTMA level 1 air leakage assessor exam and his cert IV in energy efficiency and sustainability.

For 2 years we loved working together at Light House. In that time we worked closely together (particularly through covid19 with a new born!) to deliver a wide range of projects - from highly cost effective new builds, secondary residences, renovations and bushfire rebuilds.


Feeling passionate about helping a wider range of homeowners, we decided to establish Tranquil Architecture in early 2021.

We are keen to work with clients from all walks of life and with any budget to achieve a well designed, delightful, sustainable, comfortable, healthy and happy home!

And now:

Williams family

We have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.

We live in a 1960's courtyard home in Scullin with our 2 dachshunds Pepper and Fudge and 3 chickens.


On weekends we can be found slowly landscaping our large garden, adventuring in the Snowy Mountains,

enjoying trips to the beach or skiing during winter.

Follow our family adventures in and around Canberra on Instagram here!