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Meet our Team:


Gentra Wekesa

Gentra recently completed the Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of Canberra. She grew up travelling around the world absorbing various cultures, her interest in architecture and interior spaces developed from her passion for design and travel. Exploring various buildings and structures around the world has given her more insight into the unique stories, social impact, construction, and history behind significant architecture.

The past three years as an undergraduate student at UC have expanded her critical thinking, design approach, as well as technical skills. Gentra enjoys creating architectural illustrations, concept diagrams and diagrammatic collages. She is passionate about creating functional, evoking, and sustainable interior spaces within residential projects.

Gentra is looking forward to developing her skills as an interior designer and enhancing the quality of interior spaces as well as helping people cultivate their own stories within their homes.

Outside of the office, Gentra leads a cultural social group at UC, enhancing the diversity of Canberra and hosting various events and meetings.

Education + Licences

B.Built Environment (Interior Architecture) - May 2023

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