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We can help you with any scale or scope of renovation or new build.

We provide a customised, step by step process from initial design to the end of construction. ​During this process we will guide you through different design decisions and selections at each stage - from the roof colour right down to the kitchen sink! Along the way we will make suggestions but are also happy to work with your preferences - you can choose to be as involved as you want to be.


We will then compile a full set of 25+ architectural plans (including detailed joinery, wet area, electrical, lighting, heating and cooling, wall details etc) along with a 20+ page long specification document, and request 3 trusted builders provide competitive tenders on your project. This ensures all elements in the project are fully included and costed and is the surest way to minimise budget blowouts during construction.

We understand that money doesn't grow on trees (sadly!) - that is why following our intital meeting we will provide you a custom, fixed fee proposal based on your project and the scope of work for us - so you know exactly what our fees will be. 


This fixed fee is then broken down between each stage (see below) on a do-and-charge basis. At any point you can put your project on hold, or if life gets in the way we can pause until you are ready to continue. 

Architectural Services:

Our Fees:

Project Stages:

First step: Contact us and let's chat and arrange an initial meeting at your home!

We will then prepare a custom fee proposal based on your project and scope of work for your consideration.


Fee proposal acceptance and deposit:  

Deposit to officially kick of the process - time to lock your project into our pipeline and get the ball rolling!

Gather your ideas and inspiration, we will do some background site opportunities and constraints research, then we can meet to start chatting in more detail and pulling it all together.


Stage 1 – Project Briefing: 

It is time to really get to know the project – You, your house, your block… your needs and your wants.

Let’s start brainstorming together how and where it might all come together to a beautiful, simple, functional but cost effective design.

Stage 2 – Sketch Design: 

We will then go away and work our magic – Brainstorming, sketching and 3D modelling the best way to achieve your brief.

This presentation will be conceptual sketches, sections and hand drawn plans showing room relationships and focusing on the ideas behind and the intention for the feel of the home.

Stage 3 – Concept Design: 

Time to delve into the form and materials - Once we get your feedback and thoughts on the concept, we will start to develop more detail into our 3D model, thinking about materials, colours and finessing the form. We will also review the thermal performance and start looking at solar access in our 3D model.

 This presentation will be a set of Architectural plans – site plan, floor plan, perspectives, solar studies, elevations, sections. We will also have suggested external material samples for discussion.


Stage 4 – Developed Design and Draft Specification: 

Things are starting to look very real – We will make any final adjustments to the external form and overall layout, then prepare the project for submission to authorities and consultants. But, this meeting is also more fun than that - as we start to discuss the interiors of your home in more detail – your style, your ideas and how to tie existing and new together… or make them work apart!

This presentation is detailed, technical architectural plans, with driveway, tree management, site management, verge dilapidation and class 10 structures documented.


Stage 5 – Kitchen Design and Interior Finishes: 

Now the fun begins – The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, so we start there as we develop the interior design finishes and selections. We will also start compiling your building specification – the itemised document to support the architectural plans and outlining all the details and finishes for the project.

At this meeting we will also brainstorm your wet areas – tiles, fittings and fixtures – ready for the next meeting.

This presentation is exciting – think material samples, paint samples, 3D perspectives, joinery plans and elevations.

Stage 6 – Joinery Design and Wet Area Fittings and Fixtures:

Now we are on a roll – Working from the kitchen design and your feedback there, we will move through all the other joinery items in your project. We will also work up initial concepts for the wet areas in your home.

This presentation is also fun – think tile samples, tap images, 3D perspectives, joinery and wet area plans and elevations.

Stage 7 – Services Design:

Last but not least – lighting and electrical, heating and cooling. We will prepare plans showing every existing and new powerpoint and light fitting. We will also work with you through heating and cooling systems, data, solar, EV, smart home systems - every service in your home!

This presentation will be a final review of all of the interior plans, along with the lighting plan and electrical plan. This meeting is also a good chance to chase up any other loose ends or undecided items together, and chat through any updates or adjustments required following consultant feedback.

Stage 8 – Building Approval and Tendering:

Final documentation and specification review – we will pull everything together into one complete set of plans and specifications. We will co-ordinate with consultant’s documentation and get you to do a final review (while we review as well!) before sending out to tender.

We will request tenders from up to 3 builders that we have worked with before or that you have requested. We will also submit and co-ordinate all of the required documents for building approval, so once you select a preferred tenderer the project is ready to hit the ground running with no further delays.


Stage 9 – Construction Liaison: 

Time to make it real! We will assist you through the contract negotiations stage, witness the contract signing and support you during the construction process.

Note: We do not provide contract administration services. This service assumes a HIA or MBA contract between the client and builder, and we act as an advisor to both parties during construction should questions arise. We can also help keep communication flowing between both parties to ensure a smooth build process, and we love being there with you to see your project come to life!

This stage includes meetings throughout construction with builder and client at key stages.

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