All of our designs include the following services throughout the design and build process.

The services below are available to other architects, designers, builders and clients not using our architectural service:

Building Design (or partial Architectural service)

Energy Efficiency:

Reine has been a licenced Energy Assessor in the ACT since 2011. Paul is currently completing his Certificate IV in Sustainability and Home Energy Efficiency.

Services include:

- Thermal performance modelling in NATHERS accredited software

- Design advice and optimisation utilising thermal performance model

Building Design (or partial Architectural service)

Thermal Imaging:

We can complete thermal imaging assessments for existing homes, during construction or on new builds to pick up gaps in insulation or areas of thermal bridging. Thermal imaging is also an excellent way of identifying air leakage when combined with blower door testing.

Building Design (or partial Architectural service)

Air Leakage:

We can test existing or new homes for air leakage using a blower door. We can then calculate the ACH (air changes per hour) and permeability of your home, and help identify the areas of greatest air infiltration.

Building Design (or partial Architectural service)

Accessible, Adaptable and Liveable Housing:

We have a keen interest in Age-In-Place construction and design for accessibility. Reine has designed many homes to comply with all 3 codes/guidelines: future adaptable, accessible and liveable housing guidelines.


Where ever possible we encourage clients to consider designing to the liveable housing design guidelines, which allows for an easy access toilet, no step into the front door and slightly wider doors and hallways - not necessarily for a disabled occupant, but to make the home more user friendly in the case of injury (or just a visitor with a pram!).

Reine has completed her Liveable Housing Australia course and plans to sit the exam in the coming months to become an accredited liveable housing consultant.